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19 September 2011


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Pamela Johnson

Kellie, thanks for this. I seem to be having an extended holiday from WU, nose buried deep in the new novel I'm working on ... Yes, which books to keep, which to pass on? I've just got a Kindle which solves the problem in part but now I think: do I want the physical book or the kindle edition?

Kellie Jackson

I'm glad you have had a lovely long summer of celebrations and holidays & reading by the sounds of things. I enjoyed reading this book too - it had an interesting premise. The narrator's breakdown following her marriage collapse was lightly drawn but the humour buoyed up what could have been a potentially bleak novel. I liked how the female experience, in all it's ages and stages was visited. Sometimes I felt the author's academic credentials bled a little too heavily into the narrative and got in the way....but then that probably say more about me than Siri Hustvedt. I sent it on to my best friend in Australia - so I can't go back and have a flick through to remind myself about it. Due to a lack of space I've decided unless I LOVE a book to bits I have to pass it on to a new home.

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