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13 April 2012


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Pam Johnson

Yes, Frank, 'something more than a story' - that rings true. And, of course, it's what novelists do all the time, inhabit the skin of other people and no doubt leave a thread or two of their own DNA. It seems to me that Amanda is a born storyteller but her sense of music means the stories become poems

Amanda Dalton

I can't really have a view on this, for obvious reasons (!) but just wanted to say hello, Frank! Ages since we met but I remember you and your wonderful poems well. Thanks for your comment - for what it's worth, I'm sure I have left quite a lot of myself in the story fragments.
All best.

Frank Dullaghan

I enjoyed this review. I remember Amanda's first collection and having a sense of the very intimate telling of a strange story. In this interview she also talks about poems exploring character.

This is a very different kind of poetry to the personal, confessional, kind we generally expect. And yet it still has this intimacy, as if the poet has left some of herself within these stories. My feeling is that it is this that gives the work an authentic element, something that makes it more than story.

I wonder if others have a view on this?

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