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01 July 2012


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I really loved reading your book, I was interested to read about your fascination with the the 2 missionary ladies Mildred Cable and Francesca French, one of my first story books which I loved was the Story of Topsy, their writing did flash across my mind as I read some of your descriptions of Kashkar. A great read I look forward to your next tale.


looking forward to reading the book now I've read the interview. My object would be a clump of the plant Lychnis - the white variety.


Really enjoyed this article. My object would be a window.

Penny Faith

Lovely interview.
Wishing Suzanne well with the book.

A pay and display parking ticket.

Geraldine Paine

Terrific story. My object would be a balsa wood bird of happiness.


I pointed out the interview to Jane ....I'd enjoyed it...and she pointed out the object that was going to spark us off..

mine is anti-missile radar


fascinating interview...

the object would be the white plastic Kremlin barometer topped with the red star

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